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Women's Community League of Weston
Building Community Since 1919

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The Women's Community League of Weston
A Brief History

Approaching the 100th year of the Women's Community League of Weston, Inc. whose mission is to "foster the community spirit aroused originally by the cooperative work during the First World War, to develop further the intellectual and social life of the community and to help with the social activities during the past 99 years, Weston women have contributed time, money and energy toward the betterment of the Weston Community.

The League began in 1919. It set up headquarters in the “Yellow Barn” at 494 Boston Post Road, paid $15 a month rent, and opened the “Willow Plate Tea Shop” and “Food and Fancywork Exchange” to raise funds for their projects. Within months, the original 13 women captured the attention of the press and interest of the towns’ women. Within the year, there were an Educational Committee, Civics Committee, Social Committee, Art and Music Committee, Program Committee and Recreation Committees, which soon became the Welfare Committee.  

By 1925, The League was furnishing milk to the Weston Public School’s needy children in four of the lower grades., was contributing to a needy family in town, to the Infant’s and Children’s Hospital, and was providing dance and dance classes for your people from ages 13 to 19. In 1929, after being requested by the School Committee and in cooperation with the Superintendent, The League began the hot lunch program in the Weston Schools. Over 200 students were served each day. ( In 1931, the Town took over the program. The food and equipment on hand being donated to the town by The League.) 

The League’s Scholarship Program began in 1930 with one $150 scholarship being given to a Weston High School student each year. To date the League has given more than $1million in need-based scholarships to Weston High School seniors, has given numerous Merit- based awards at Senior Class Day, and regularly contributes to to the Weston METCO program. 

The Children’s Exchange began as a project of a small group of women to help with the war effort in 1942 and was taken over by the Town shortly thereafter under the War Economy Division of the Committee on Public safety. The League’s assumed responsibility for it in 1945, with profits going to the League’s Welfare and Scholarship Fund. In 1952, the Children’s Exchange moved to the Jones House. Today, the children’s Exchange is now known as the Clothing Exchange and is housed in the annex to the Jones House (Josiah Smith Tavern). Revenues from the Clothing Exchange and Boutique are the primary source of the funds today for the Service and Scholarship Fund. 

In 1983, the League’s Endowment Fund was created with two donations. In the 1990’s the Fund was used to renovate the Barn, and was used to contribute $25,000 to both the Library ad Community Centers building Funds. The fund also contributed to seed money for SPARK (Supporting Parents Actively Raising Kids) in order to bring noted experts on Youth issues to speak to the Weston Community.

Collectively, the Women’s Community League of Weston provides women with, educational and philanthropic opportunities to cover all ages and interests, carrying on its mission established many years ago. Membership is open to all women living in Weston.