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Women's Community League of Weston
Building Community Since 1919

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About the WCL


Since 1919 members of the Women’s Community League have contributed time, energy & financial resources to enhance the quality of life in Weston.

In 1925 the league furnished milk to the public school’s needy children and began the hot lunch program in 1929.


In 1930 the scholarship program began by awarding $150 to one Weston HS senior.  Since then, the League has donated over $627,000 in merit and need based scholarships to graduating Weston HS students. There are other organizations who provide scholarships, but, not as generous as ours.

Clothing Exchange

These scholarships are largely funded by the Clothing Exchange /Boutique.  Have you ever gone by the Barn on a Tuesday? If so, you should stop in.  You will find an amazing consignment store full of gently used high-end merchandise including Tiffany and Chanel.

Without the Clothing Exchange, and its prominent location in the Barn, our contributions to the Service and Scholarship fund would be extremely limited.

The Barn

The WCL has served as steward of the Josiah Smith Tavern Barn and Connector since 1951 when the League came to the aid of SPNEA and the Town to raise money for much needed renovations.

In the mid 1970s and 80s the league spent its own money, approximately $100,000, to renovate the barn as its headquarters, update the kitchen and add two handicapped accessible bathrooms.

The WCL manages the Barn and offers its space as a low-cost rental to members of the community. This is offered as a benefit to the town.  As an example, the barn was rented 47 times, almost once a week, during 2014.  This is in addition to community league sponsored events hosted in the barn.  It was rented to private parties, town organizations and other non- profits.  All proceeds of the barn rental are applied to rent, utilities, and maintenance of the building. Many local individuals and organizations will have a very difficult time finding another venue offering the same atmosphere and affordability if he barn is no longer available.

Projects Funded by the WCL

$25,000 new library and recreation center
$5,000 to Council on Aging (COA) toward a bus

$40,000 to COA over 20 years Funding youth at-risk programs through SPARK $6,000 Computers for Fire, Police, and Recreation Departments $5,000 Alphabet Park $3,000 Back up ambulance for the Fire Department $5,000 Tavernside Park  

Smaller donations include, but are not limited to:

WCCA-sponsored events
Weston Drama Worksho
Holiday gift bags to the elderly
Veteran service
Weston HS dance team
Weston Media Cente
Land Sakes

The Josiah Smith Tavern building is essential to the operation of the WCL. If the League does not maintain access to the “barn,” its philanthropic and good works will most likely cease.  This would be tragic considering the individuals and organizations that have been touched by the WCL.

The very identity of the Women’s Community League is tied to the Tavern and Barn.  We are a unique organization with a rich history in this town.  We offer membership to all adult female residents and offer social, educational and philanthropic opportunities for all ages and interests, while carrying on the mission established many years ago.

We are a dedicated partner to our fellow organizations and nonprofits and hope to continue to do so, based in our home in the Josiah Smith Tavern, for the next century of our life.